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Cooking an Egg

For foods 11 we received an assignment to cook a basic egg dish. I decided to fry up a couple of eggs and serve them on top of some toasted naan bread for lunch and took some photos to document along the way.


To start I put butter in a pan and melted it on medium heat. The low heat ensures the egg won’t cook too fast on the outside and remain raw on the inside, and the butter keeps them from sticking to the pan. Once I cracked the eggs open and added them to the pan, I then sprinkled them with salt and pepper so the flavour is cooked into them rather than added on top afterwards.


After this it is mainly a waiting game as you watch the eggs to make sure you flip them at the right time otherwise the yolks could be over or undercooked according to your preference. I personally like my eggs over-easy so I waited for the whites to be cooked almost completely before flipping them to finish whatever part of the eggs wasn’t cooked on top.

img_20160928_122359 img_20160928_122441

After I flipped the eggs and left them for roughly 30 seconds, I quickly turned them back over again to ensure the yolks didn’t cook more than I wanted before taking them out of the pan and moving them onto my plate. I put them on top of my already toasted naan bread and broke the yolks to spread over the naan and distribute the flavour before sitting down at the kitchen table to enjoy them.

Food Photography

img_20160914_201607 img_20160914_202027 img_20160914_202306

For the food photography assignment in Foods 11, I took photos of the mint-chocolate chip cupcakes I baked the night before. I looked on my phone to see if I was able to alter settings such as shutter speed and ISO but couldn’t find anywhere to change the defaults. I also didn’t have natural light to work with as I took the photos in my kitchen in the evening so I did my best to light the shots in a muted way without too much glare. I also wanted to make sure that even though it wasn’t a meal so it wouldn’t make sense to have cutlery and such in the photo, there was still texture, which is why I included the plate and positioned it on my counter in front of the back-splash.