Socials “Life in the 16th Century” Diary

June 10th, 1571

Diary Entry 92

        It was an eventful day today at the tavern. Some fool leaned his elbow on one of the boards, and the entire set up toppled over. Food and drink were wasted, tablecloths were ruined and so was a good profit. I only wish I could afford tables so this wouldn’t happen so often however he should have known better seeing as there are rarely ever tables for dining. I am only grateful there weren’t any fine candles set out and that I had been saving them for guests of importance should they come. Joan interrupted me with something of unimportance which I do not remember however I was glad she came as she helped organize the mess which had been made.

Someone asked for salt today henceforth I made a good profit off of that as salt is quite valuable.  Strawberries are in season therefore we got as many as we could so we could turn a profit on them. They are only here for such a short time after all. Tomorrow we need to gather more vegetables, we are running low on stock as this week has been particularly busy. Onions, garlic, cloves and spices are a must for flavoring the dishes and taking away from the salty taste of the preserved meat. We just received more wine and I hope to sell it quickly before it spoils. It is harder to sell later once it has lost its fine flavor.

John failed to notice that we were low on oil for the lamps, I had to send William in a mad rush to fetch more before the costumers were unhappy with the poor lighting. Of course the lighting is never great in the evening however today it was worse than usual with the only light coming from the fire in the hearth. I was highly grateful when William made it back with the oil quite quickly. After all I couldn’t have people in a drunken stupor tripping in my tavern because they couldn’t see their own feet.

I have to go, I will need plenty of rest for tomorrow’s errands if I am to accomplish them all.

With dearest regards,

Thomas Langley


We chose to do a tavern keeper because the idea interested both of us very much. We did some research and after digging for quite a while found some useful information about life, food and drink and we put it into a diary. We also made sure to use an accurate name so we searched up common names in the 1500’s and found all the names used in the diary, and more. To finish, while editing it we tried to use as little modern language as possible and added in some words like “henceforth” which is no longer a part of common language.

Inquiry Project 1 – Update 1

I have a general idea for my story but still need to work out the details before I can write it. My general idea for the story is that it is a society where everyone has multiple lives. If you have more lives, you are better off, if you have few lives, you are considered expendable and work menial jobs and do work for the people with more lives. How many you have is determined by a test you undergo when you turn 15. The main character in my story is on his way to have his test done and is worried. I think the conflict will be person vs self and the main character is having doubts. I still need to work out the small details such as the characters and their names, however I am almost ready to write the story.


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