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Inquiry Project 3 – Update 4

So with our final inquiry presentations just around the corner, I figured it was a good time for another update. Jenna and I have continued to learn new words and practice with each other and Julian has been helping us stay on track, prepare for the presentations and practice with us. He has also given us help with our grammar when studying, for example just today I learned you have to sign ix before your name, a grammatical tip I probably would have never known without his experience.

Tomorrow, Jenna and I will be participating in what we are calling a day of signing. Barring any time we are practicing our presentation and lunch, we will not be speaking to each other at all. We are going to communicate only through sign language and if we don’t know a word we want to sign we will google it, sign it then show the other so we can learn it together. It will be very difficult no doubt but I am quite excited and I think it will be a great way to practice. Julian will be helping us along the way if we make grammatical errors or need help as well.

I have enjoyed this project very much and I am hoping to continue to learn after it is over too.

Inquiry Project 3 – Update 2

Jenna and I made a list of simple words we have learned so far, then showed the actions to those words in videos. We recorded these last week, but couldn’t post them until now because of uploading issues. Jenna did half the words and I did the other half. The following are links to the videos on vimeo, but they need a password to access them because they’re private. Enter the password “asl” to view them.




Inquiry Project 3 – Update 1

So I just started my final inquiry of grade 9. For this inquiry, I’m going to be learning ASL (American Sign Language) with Julian and Jenna and documenting progress as we go along. So far, we started learning finger-signing (like the alphabet) and we know the different letters but are working on transitioning easier and not having to think so much with each individual one. We are practicing by having one person finger-spell lots of random words and then the other person has to say the word that was signed so we have a chance to practice signing and reading the signs. We also learned the numbers and those are pretty easy. We still need to learn more actual basic words before we can try something like a useful sentence (e.g. “Where’s the bathroom”). The only actual words I know how to sign so far are yes and no. We haven’t nailed down all our goals quite yet but have a few in place and we are developing more of that.

Inquiry Project 2 – Update 4

For the inquiry project, Celina and I have been creating a Utopian society we called Hubbington. At this point, we have presented our final presentation, and are not going to elaborate any more. There are a few things we didn’t put into our presentation that we had discussed, simply because we didn’t want it to get too long, our monetary system being one example. There were also a few things we agreed with from the aforementioned grade 8 project- one example is  our education system- however we didn’t put those in the presentation either because we wanted this project to be focused on the work we did now, not last year, even though the concept came from then.

The model was unfortunately never completed to the degree we had wished, however we got quite a lot accomplished and were only missing details like plants and buildings, therefore I think we got across the point we wanted, which was the layout of the city. There are photos in past blog posts, but I’m posting one more below of the final look at how much we accomplished.




Inquiry Project 2 – Update 2

Celina and I have continued to work on our model on minecraft and have gotten pretty far along and just have to put the finishing touches together (the little details). We are going to continue to work on the written portion of the project more throughout the next week especially and elaborate upon what we have already decided on. Below are photos of the minecraft portion so far.


2015-02-21_19.39.05    2015-02-21_19.41.07

Inquiry Project 2 – Update 1

For my second inquiry, I have joined up with Celina to expand upon the Utopian society project outlined in the IHub Reads project document. We are currently building a model of it in Minecraft and at this point have cleared an area large enough to build the city on, and have decided on which materials would be used for different areas (e.g.: the roads are quartz blocks). We have also been discussing the government, economic system, value system and other foundations of the society and need to begin looking at comparisons to other “Utopias” and “Dystopias” used in literature and history.

Below are photos of the area we have cleared in the correct environmental setting for our model and the materials we have decided on:

2015-02-11_11.16.32 2015-02-11_11.27.20 2015-02-11_11.27.38  2015-02-11_11.16.232015-02-11_11.17.28

Inquiry Project 1 – Update 3

So I haven’t updated for a while but that is because I haven’t had a ton of time to work on my story due to the end of the perspective theme. I recently was able to work for quite a while and managed to finish 🙂 I have shown it to several people to receive opinions and the feedback seems quite positive. I am editing and almost ready to show the teacher and hopefully start a new inquiry. I will attach my story in a post as soon as I have officially finished.

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