Inquiry Project 3 – Update 4

So with our final inquiry presentations just around the corner, I figured it was a good time for another update. Jenna and I have continued to learn new words and practice with each other and Julian has been helping us stay on track, prepare for the presentations and practice with us. He has also given us help with our grammar when studying, for example just today I learned you have to sign ix before your name, a grammatical tip I probably would have never known without his experience.

Tomorrow, Jenna and I will be participating in what we are calling a day of signing. Barring any time we are practicing our presentation and lunch, we will not be speaking to each other at all. We are going to communicate only through sign language and if we don’t know a word we want to sign we will google it, sign it then show the other so we can learn it together. It will be very difficult no doubt but I am quite excited and I think it will be a great way to practice. Julian will be helping us along the way if we make grammatical errors or need help as well.

I have enjoyed this project very much and I am hoping to continue to learn after it is over too.

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