Inquiry Project 3 – Update 1

So I just started my final inquiry of grade 9. For this inquiry, I’m going to be learning ASL (American Sign Language) with Julian and Jenna and documenting progress as we go along. So far, we started learning finger-signing (like the alphabet) and we know the different letters but are working on transitioning easier and not having to think so much with each individual one. We are practicing by having one person finger-spell lots of random words and then the other person has to say the word that was signed so we have a chance to practice signing and reading the signs. We also learned the numbers and those are pretty easy. We still need to learn more actual basic words before we can try something like a useful sentence (e.g. “Where’s the bathroom”). The only actual words I know how to sign so far are yes and no. We haven’t nailed down all our goals quite yet but have a few in place and we are developing more of that.

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