Inquiry Project 2 – Update 4

For the inquiry project, Celina and I have been creating a Utopian society we called Hubbington. At this point, we have presented our final presentation, and are not going to elaborate any more. There are a few things we didn’t put into our presentation that we had discussed, simply because we didn’t want it to get too long, our monetary system being one example. There were also a few things we agreed with from the aforementioned grade 8 project- one example is  our education system- however we didn’t put those in the presentation either because we wanted this project to be focused on the work we did now, not last year, even though the concept came from then.

The model was unfortunately never completed to the degree we had wished, however we got quite a lot accomplished and were only missing details like plants and buildings, therefore I think we got across the point we wanted, which was the layout of the city. There are photos in past blog posts, but I’m posting one more below of the final look at how much we accomplished.




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